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One of the most important jobs is keeping carpets clean, attractive and safe.Having the right tools for carpet cleaning is vital to contract cleaners. An office or facility simply won’t look clean if the carpets aren’t clean, and the right types of equipment can remove dirt and debris, tackle tough stains and keep carpets looking like new for longer.

The BG10 Bissell Carpet cleaner allows you to clean efficiently, quickly and effectively — at a great price. Big messes are no object for this cleaning machine, featuring two motors and a DirtLifter power brush, two large capacity tanks, an Easy-Clean brush roller and an adjustable handle for convenient use. The 25-foot extension cord provides a 50-foot cleaning reach so you can make fewer stops and maximize efficiency, and the powerful edge-to-edge suction and ability to clean both forward and back make this machine one of the most portable on the market today.

Want to know more about our Bissell Carpet Cleaners? Our team of experts is happy to connect you with the best commercial carpet extractor for your needs and budget. We understand the unique challenges faced by contract cleaners, and we are committed to helping you discover the best tools for the job Contact us today at 1-866-676-7325 to connect with our team!